Good News - April 2022

in the gap in such amazing ways. I also see the incredible resilience of the people of Ukraine!! I join in Prayer with the body of Christ and the Family of God around the world, as we all Pray for peace!!! Coach RickAndreassen, Founder and President, SAINTSHomeschool P.E. and SAINTS International Sports Ministry The coming together of our two political parties and the rest of the free world to express the outrange to the unjust, immoral assault of the Russian army on the Ukrainian people, has been a tremendous response to a tragic event. The United States and its allies providing provisions of economic and armament support to Ukraine and the imposition of both economic, political and cultural sanctions on Russia, appears to be making a difference in the minds of the Russian people to see the impact that a misguided tyrant like Putin can have to the everyday lives of the people he is supposed to be governing with their best interest at heart. Lastly, the heartfelt resistance to the invasion of the Ukrainian people to withstand the assault of the Russian invaders, against overwhelming odds and with historical ties as fellow countrymen, is clear evidence of the innate sense of people’s desire to maintain their freedom from tyranny. Romney Rogers, Managing Partner, Rogers Morris & Ziegler Llp Indecisiveness of other nations, concerning the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia, has really surprised me. “For evil to prevail, all that has to happen is for good men (countries) to do nothing” (or very little in this case).Our seemingly measured response has not in any way stemmed the tide of slaughtering the innocent. If left unchecked, it will embolden other nations to follow suit. Ron Bramos, Senior Pastor, Victory Life Church What has impacted me the most since the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the resilience and strength of the Ukrainian people to stand up for their country and, in most cases, not run away even in the midst of war. Many times when we are under attack, perhaps for our faith, it is easier to run, deny or give up our position. But the Ukrainian people, andmany in the church there, are willing to stand up for their family, their country and what they believe in. It is an inspiring reminder for us all to have the strength to stand up for what we believe in, especially for our faith, when opposition comes. May God protect the people of Ukraine. Steve Daigle, Campus Pastor, Calvary Chapel Parkland Actually nothing really surprises me anymore except it does surprise me of the lack of discernment and wisdom that Christians have as they tend to be reactionary and emotionally driven with what happens with the news. Instead of getting educated with truth and facts people tend to be emotional with conjecture. They are fear filled instead of faith filled People are counting on the Christian, and we need to Walk better in our faith. Sue Trombino, Founder and President, Women Impacting the Nation I am not really surprised but mostly reminded of the compassionate core of the American people regardless of race, Faith and nationality. Our country for the most part appears to be united in genuine compassion for the Ukrainian people and for the innocent Russian people as well. Americans are expressing our love and compassion by way of making financial contributions, cooking and serving meals, providing temporary housing assistance, spiritual enrichment, medical care, clothing, and of course military support by their increased presence in the Western allied nations. My prayer remains for Peace! Psalm 34:14 Rev. Dr. Ted Greer, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Hope South Florida What has been the most impactful is the news reports of the Russian invasion. It’s been heartbreaking to see the attacks on the Ukraine. It’s tragic how Putin has targeted hospitals, schools and humanitarian corridors. I am amazed at the heroic efforts of President Zelensky and the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people, who are willing to sacrifice all for their homeland. I pray that the nations of the world will rise up to oppose this evil dictator. I pray for protection over the nation and people of Ukraine. And for protection over all of us. God is in control, and He has a plan. We are praying for peace. Tewannah Aman, Executive Director, Broward County Right to Life The one thing that has impacted me the most is how President Biden has no clue of what is taking place in Ukraine, and if we still had a "Real" President in the White House like Donald Trump, this would have never, ever happened. Willy Guardiola, Christian on a Mission Wants to Know… Mike McDermott Dr. Mike Rozeblum Milan Stefanovic Nancy Robin O’Neal Dozier Coach Rick Andreassen Romney Rogers Ron Bramos Steve Daigle Sue Trombino Rev. Dr. Ted Greer Tewannah Aman Willy Guardiola