Good News - April 2022

As we watch the news reports and the seemingly global impact of the conflict, Good News Wants to Know... What has most surprisedor impacted yousince theRussian invasionof Ukraine? As one whose parents immigrated from the Ukraine and who still has relatives there, the invasion has impacted me on multiple levels. Viscerally, that Russia would brutally invade a sovereign nation such as they have is shocking and infuriating. Even more, though, it’s worrisome – what and/or who is going to stop Putin from expanding his terrorist attacks on other countries? It’s difficult to see how this ends in any way other than tragically with the deaths of many innocent people and the destruction of cities and even countries. In Exodus 3:19 God tells Moses that it would take a Mighty Hand to compel Pharaoh to submit. My heartfelt prayer is that God’s Mighty Hand would move quickly and decisively against the instigator of this tragic situation. Oksana Horton, Artistic Director, Torch and Trumpet Theatre Company Personally, the most impacting aspect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the amount of suffering that has been visited upon families and children. The indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets including hospitals, schools and homes by a former KGB officer, now president, is not surprising. I am surprised, however, that in a world with years of participation in the United Nations, coordination of efforts in space and athletic competition and education across country borders that one country has now been allowed to invade another sovereign nation and commit war crimes before our eyes without deterrence or consequence. William “Bill” C. Davell, Director, Tripp Scott PA The stories of Ukrainians from all over the world, quitting their day jobs, flying back to their homeland to take up arms is so inspiring. Makes me wonder what kind of really good excuse I would come up with to not do the same. Bob Denison, President, Denison Yachting I amdisheartened by the level of aggression that has been shown to the innocent, nonmilitary people of Ukraine. However, I am deeply proud of the people of the world that have unified around the Ukrainians and their fight to save their country. This situation has brought out the worst and the very best of humanity, and we all look toward an end to this conflict before it escalates any further. We pray for the Ukrainian people, as well as the Russian citizens that have no interest in this act of war. Chip LaMarca, State Representative, Florida House District 93 I have been blessed and encouraged to hear how the Ukrainian churches have stepped up to help the refugees and soldiers on both sides with the love of God. H. Collins Forman, Jr., Esq. The most significant thing my wife and I have seen during this time is the couple standing at the train station holding a sign that read, "Welcome 2 people as long as you want." They represent countless others who have sacrificed personal comfort and risen to the occasion by welcoming fractured and displaced families - literal strangers - into their homes. It's a beautiful picture that brings Matthew 25 to life: "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Craig D. Huston, Huston Consulting Group, LLC What has most impacted me during this Ukraine world-shifting horror is that, as I grieve over the devastated refugees, I'malso grieving the seeming loss of my 30-year friendship with a prominent school director in Moscow. For years, I hosted her best students here in the hope of winning them to Christ. She used to say, "I am raising Russia's future leaders, but they have no morals or values, but I know you, as a Christian, will teach them. You are my best friend in the world." Now, she's become so anti-American in her support of Putin (because of the propaganda against us) she told me this week that our friendship is over because America started this war with Russia. Deborah Cusick, FAU Campus Volunteer, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship4 What has most surprised or impactedme since the Russian invasion of Ukraine? The stories, once you dig and listen, coming from missionaries and the church of Christ. That information is readily available, and the stories of miracles are amazing. I’m also surprised how eerily similar this is to 1935 in world history with regards to Europe’s and America’s response. Dennis DeMarois, Executive Director/CEO, Gathering Palm Beach County Two things are impacting me deeply as I write this. 1 - I give glory to God for the missionaries andministries I know personally fromaround the world who immediately went to areas like Poland to bring supplies and resources for the Ukrainian refugees. 2 - I'm horrified that missile attacks seem to not discriminate well in order to protect where children and other innocents are located. Dolores King-St. George, King Communications and GraceNet Radio The impact tome is that “Everything is powered by purpose.And when we create shared purpose and we articulate the purpose, we all get to be part of it.” The Ukrainians have shown all of us courage, the price of freedom and unity in values. Don Campion, President, Banyan Air Service, Inc. When the news started to break that Russia had launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine, I can remember feeling a pit in my stomach and that small still voice saying, "Oh boy, here we go again..." It wasn't so much the surprise or the unexpectedness of it that impacted me most but rather the great sense of grief that overwhelmed me as I considered the tremendous pain and loss of life that this will lead to. Howmany young men andwomen, children and elderly will die or see their loved ones die or bemaimed over the lust for 'more' by those in power? How many souls will be going into eternity prematurely, abruptly and horribly?Howmany of those soulswill meet God not knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior? How many? (Even I am writing this, fighting back tears so I can see what I am typing.) The reminder is clear: Evil is real. It is becomingmore empowered every day.Although, I stand unshakably confident OUR GOD is greater, I sense a renewed sense of urgency rising among God's people to do more, pray more, say more, LOVEmore!! For tomorrow is not promised, only Heaven for those who put their trust in the saving power of the one who shed His blood for us on a Roman cross 2000 years ago. May we share the Gospel with someone as if it is our last day to do so...because we never know. Eddie Vega, Pastor, Fuel Life Fellowship William “Bill” C. Davell Bob Denison Chip LaMarca H. Collins Forman Craig D. Huston Deborah Cusick Wants to Know… Oksana Horton