Good News - November 2023

PUBLISHER 6 November 2023 Good News • South Florida edition Tomorrow? I am reminded there are no guarantees about tomorrow; that’s His call not mine, so I find myself in a lot of reflection since October 7th, and I can’t seem to shake it. Where is the outrage? Where is the passion? I often find myself wrestling with what I believe to be utter hypocrisy - probably nothing bothers me more than hypocrisy. Somehow, we understand and can justify outrage. If you believe in the Bible, you have deep conviction, not passive conviction. If you believe that Israel is the “Holy Land,” and you gather yourself with great pride to travel and visit the Holy Land once, twice or even 50 times, you’re going because of your deep conviction. It’s where Jesus walked, and it’s the most historically significant piece of earth in the history of the world. Where is the outrage when you see it under attack? The brutal attack on humanity, albeit Jewish, Christian or Muslim, can be horrific and incomprehensible. My focus is simply the hypocritical nature of calling Israel the Holy Land, a land that is now in peril and may be reduced to rubble at any moment. Where is the outrage? It’s more than a tourist attraction. It’s the Holy Land. It’s not like Disney World in Orlando or in Tokyo or in other parts of the world as a theme park. This is Israel we’re talking about, the Holy Land. And to watch and to have the world watch as its being bombed, have we now substituted an iron dome system instead of God? We can’t build another Israel. And its quite possible going forward no one will travel to Israel ever again if it has been destroyed. There would be nothing to look at except rubble. Are you going to point to where the Garden of Gethsemane used to be? Where is the outrage? Would we sit by as a society and passively watch people light Bibles on fire until there are no more Bibles left? If we call it the Holy Land, are we willing to fight for it? Again I ask, where is the outrage? Why is the Church so silent? We are watching an uprising throughout the world right now where people are comfortable chanting death to Israel and death to all Jews as they murder thousands of Jews because they are Jewish. The hypocrisy is numbing, and I just don’t understand it. Although I could engage in an argument of righteousness versus evil, I choose to focus on only one thing at this moment: the Holy Land is so significant. As faithful Christians we assume God is going to take care of this. I know in biblical terms God’s timing is always perfect, and only He knows the reason for things that are beyond mortal comprehension. All I ask is a simple question: Why is the Church so silent? We pray for survival; we pray for peace. Am Yisrael Chai Les South Florida Edition • Good News • November 2023 • Volume 25, Issue 8 Advertising: We reach over 110,000 readers each month. 80,000 in print and 30,000 via our online digital edition. 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Elliott, Elite Foundation; 3rd Row: Chris Lane, First Priority of South Florida; Kelly Miller, Cross International; Joyce Lello Feldman, BiG Children’s Foundation, Inc.; Lisa May, Live the Life South Florida; Rev. Ronald Brummitt, The Caring Place; Dr. Fred Scarbrough, HOPE South Florida; Robin Martin, Executive Director, Rebuilding Together Broward County, Inc.; 4th Row: Richard Aspden, Faith Farm; Oksana Horton, Torch and Trumpet Theatre Company; Christine Auker, StrikeForce 421; Tewannah Aman, Broward Right to Life; Antony Tchividjian, Calvary House; Michael Chin Quee, Food For The Poor; 5th Row: Desmond Cook, Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Tia Diaz-Balart, Youth for Christ Miami and Broward; Suzanne Marcellus, House of Protection, Inc.; Lori Lassen, Rejoice Marriage Ministries; Dennis DeMarois, Gathering Palm Beach County; Dr. Mary Kinirons, Heart Gallery of Broward County; Coach Rick Andreassen, SAINTS of Florida Homeschool P.E.; 6th Row: Rev. Frank Trotta, Love Life; Dan West, Restoration Bridge International; Jaene Miranda, Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County, Inc.; Heather Palacios, Wondherful, Inc.; Dr. Teo A. Babun, Outreach Aid to the Americas, Inc.; 7th Row: Tyler Graeff, Teen Challenge of Florida Davie Women’s Home; Abby Mosher, Tomorrow’s Rainbow; Elena Hershey, Suits Stilettos and Lipstick Foundation; Coleen LaCosta, Speak Up For Kids; Chris Gentile, Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County; 8th Row: James Oilar, Victory Ahead; David Killian, Palm Beach County Youth for Christ; Angela Curatalo; Respect Life; Sherese James-Grow; Love INC of Broward; Angela Ball, Hearts for Moms. Photo by Justus Martin. CONTENTS Good News • November • Volume 25 Issue 8