Good News - February 2023

On The Cover Since February is American Heart Month, we’re featuring Holy Cross, Broward’s only Catholic hospital serving our community for 67 years and a leader in the prevention and treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases. Pictured from left to right: Dr Joshua Larned, Chief of Medicine, Holy Cross Health, and Member Board of Governors, American College of Cardiology Florida chapter; Dr Alexander Llanos, Interventional and Structural Cardiologist, Holy Cross Medical Group; and Dr Karan Munuswamy, Director of Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiology Associates, Holy Cross Medical Group. Read the cover article on page 28. Photo by Justus Martin PUBLISHER 6 FEBRUARY 2023 Good News • South Florida Edition When I was a kid if I wore something nice and combed my hair, I remember hearing someone say, “I see you’re wearing your Sunday best.” I heard it, of course, but never thought about that “Sunday best” bit. Sunday was just another day for me and certainly not part of any identity. There are a lot of things we hear but don’t really think about other than a shallow surface meaning of the actual words. There’s a lot I don’t know; that’s not my humility, that’s my reality check. Years later being involved in school athletics we were required to wear coat and tie to board the school bus to play our high school away games. You had to wear that tie even if it was a clip on. Years later, I was closely allied with the presentation of Broadway plays, and although there was only a small handful of us in the actual operation those first years, it was strongly suggested by the actual producer, Zev Buffman, that for “Opening Night” we would dress in Black-Tie. Opening Night was a big deal in a two, three weeks or month run of a big-time, national touring Broadway show, and it was communicated we had to set the example because we controlled the highly sought after guest list of press and high-profile invitees for the opening night after show “cast party.” We wore tuxedos and set the stage for the theatre goers; menwore coat and tie, andwomenwore a bit of glitter to say the least. Respect. Respect for where you are, who you are and what you represent. We go towork whether wewear a uniform, a logo shirt or suit and tie. We have to have respect and be prepared tomeet the challenge. We must have self-respect and comport ourselves in a way that is special and important, if that’s an important part of your lexicon. Wearing your Sunday best dates from the 19th Century when people were regular churchgoers and used to wear their best clothes (not formal work clothes) to Sunday service. Does the Bible say you should wear your best to church? Scripture doesn’t prescribe any particular style of dress but rather exhorts us to give attention to adorning ourselves with virtues like humility, sobriety, godliness and good works. “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and thewearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes” (1 Peter 3:3, NIV). Similarly, Paul tells Timothy, “I alsowant the women to dressmodestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God” (1 Timothy 2: 9-10 NIV). I personally find it a simple tribute of respect when I’m in God’s house, so call me old school, I respect where I am: clean long-sleeved shirt and perhaps a jacket, long pants and leaving the flip flops at home. Enjoy our February cover feature for Heart Month and the highly acclaimed specialists at Holy Cross Hospital, a cherished treasure for good health here in South Florida. Happy Valentine’s Day! Les South Florida Edition • Good News • February 2023 • Volume 24, Issue 11 Advertising: We reach over 110,000 readers each month. 80,000 in print and 30,000 via our online digital edition. Placing an ad in our publication is affordable and effective to help grow your business. Call us today! Distribution: Available inmore than 800 locations throughout South Florida. To become a free distribution point for the newspaper, please contact Shelly. The Good News is published by Good News Media Group, LLC, Reproduction in whole or part strictly forbidden without the consent of the publisher. Copyright 2023. All rights reserved. Good News Media Group, LLC. PO Box 670368, Coral Springs, FL 33067 954-564-5378 • Publisher: Leslie J. 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