Good News - March 2022

651 SW 6th Street Pompano Beach FL 33060 Have you Kim? Asked An Award-Winning Life-Plan Retirement Community Kim Ali, guru o John Knox Vill asked importa resort-style liv Westlake neig started this frie make the right Have q part of the W fer l of Dear Kim: “With all the wonderful things that the Westlake neighborhood wil , it sounds like it will be outrageously expensive. Is that true?” — Excited in Plantation Dear Excited: Absolutely not at all. It is true, Westlake at John Knox Village, will be one of the most innovative and popular communities in South Florida with an exciting resort lifestyle and long-term healthcare security, but it will also be a remarkable value. Entrance fees start as low as $335K with Westlakers are as excited as you deposit, you can select and secure a residence of choice and become estlake Village Club. The club will allow you to enjoy John Knox Village’s lifestyle before moving in. Feel free to give us a call 54-302-4102 today or f information at age (JKV), is frequently nt questions regarding ing at JKV and the new hborhood. That’s why she ndly column, to help you informed decision. GN0322 uestions? Ask Kim! Call 9 , , |