Good News - February 2022

I know this is a bit shocking to talk about in a few sentences, but I do it to share something so beautiful and powerful. I was carjacked and kidnapped in my mid-20’s when I was pregnant with my daughter. While I was literally paralyzed with fear (I couldn’t remember how to actually breathe), I heard my mom say (in my mind), “Laura, whenever you’re in trouble, just pray!” I prayed and God came to my rescue in a very powerful and real way. Prayer works! Laura C. Bishop, Executive Vice President of Advancement, Palm Beach Atlantic University One of the experiences in my life that taught me a “hard lesson” was be careful what you share about people you do not like with others even if you think you are justified to do so. I had a “thorn in the flesh person” that (I felt) was cruel to me. I had endured the talk behind my back and also being the person who jokes were made about and being that person who was laughed at. Even a note by that person was written to me that made me feel really bad. I was much younger in my life and did not know how to respond. I finally left that organization and felt I should write a letter about the person and how they made me feel. That did not have a good outcome. I was not made to feel justified, in fact helped to create more hard feelings. I determined after that experience that I would not tell others how I felt. I would pray for that person and leave it in God’s hands for justification or whatever outcome he wanted. This has proved to be a much better way of dealing with people and circumstances. Pray and let God be the judge. Many times since, I have learned to be the more mature person and continue to show kindness and let the circumstances play out in the way God would want it. Marilyn Brummitt, Vice President, Miami Rescue Mission/Broward Outreach Center Years ago, when I first became a Christian, I was always trying to please everyone. One day I realized that as I was trying to please everyone, no one was happy, and I was miserable. That is when God showed me, I need to make Him happy, people will either accept it or not, but then I will be grateful that I put God first and not people. Dr. Mary Drabik, President, South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary Listen to your inner voice. A few years ago, I was showing a 2-story townhome to some buyers. As I was about to go up the stairs, I heard a voice in my mind saying, “Lock the front door.” I did not heed that voice and, shortly thereafter, a person came in pretending to be a realtor. It was only when I asked to exchange business cards that I realized this person was an imposter. Fortunately, I was able to usher him out of the home and my clients were not affected. But ever since, I try to pay attention when I hear that voice. Mike McDermott, PA, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, The Keyes Company Possessing more of a Type A personality, I have learned through experience the importance of God’s timing. To wait on the Lord versus acting upon my initial impulses or thoughts. This has allowed me the possibility of displaying the fruits of the Spirit in my reactions, Galatians 5:22-23. Milan Stefanovic, Chief Operations & Personal Lines Officer, Bass Underwriters - Plantation FL I worked for a terrific leader early on in my career who coached me to embrace conflict. Needed change rarely happens without discomfort or conflict. Additionally, we often focus on the person versus the situation. He said whenever possible break bread with who you are at odds with, food and having a good meal together humanizes and helps builds relationships and trust. Nancy Robin, CEO and Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Broward When I was 13 years old, I was scheduled to perform at a college downtown. It was on a Sunday, I didn’t feel well, was very tired, and basically did not want to go at all. But something inside me kept urging me to go and so I went. It was a good thing I did because that night I was offered a full scholarship at one of the best performing arts schools in the Cleveland area. It was, in short, life changing. It was from that experience that I learned your greatest breakthroughs are often on the other side of your struggles. Oksana Horton, Creative Director, Torch and Trumpet Theatre Company One experience I had about five years ago that taught me a valuable lesson, that I would like to pass on to others. That lesson is, we should be open minded and listen to both sides of an issue, even the side that we think we disagree with. Then we should Study the word of God to see what the word of God has to say about that issue. Lastly, we should ask God for understanding before we form our opinions or conclusions about that particular issue. O’Neal Dozier, Pastor, The Worldwide Christian Center After my husband passed in May, I have spent every month trying to downsize and donate things. I am not speaking just of his memorabilia, but items that we have just collected. Seeing how big an undertaking this is, I have promised that I would not leave this for my children. Why not donate things I do not use and let someone else enjoy them! I hope others will learn from my experience, and not leave this to someone else to do. So far, I have donated 20 large garbage bags, and 20 large boxes of "things" to various agencies. It feels great to not have all of this "stuff"! Patricia Colangelo, EdS, Lecturer, Professor, Trinity International University - Florida Wants to Know… Fidel Gomez Fred Scarbrough Gene L. Green Helen Wayner Laura C. Bishop Marilyn Brummitt Dr. Mary Drabik Mike McDermott Milan Stefanovic Nancy Robin