Good News - July 2021

COVER STORY 28 JULY 2021 Good News • South Florida Edition The vision of Lifework Leadership is simple. Develop Christian busi- ness leaders with a clear understanding of their calling, connect them through dynamic relationships with other Christian influencers and capti- vate themwith a desire to utilize their God-given influence for the good of the city. After 15 years applying this model in South Florida, Lifework Leadership has impacted the corporate culture of area businesses, filled the board rooms of local charities and resulted in an uncommon spirit of generosity and service in the region. Featuring world-class speakers and case studies from prominent busi- ness people, Lifework Leadership is a nine month leadership program of- fered by the National Christian Foundation South Florida that includes literary discussion with practical life application, examining the life of Jesus as the best example of leadership. Beyond the course work, it’s the relationships built in small groups led by caring coaches that often catalyze the greatest change. “What we’ve done is created an opportunity for business leaders to sit back and to contemplate, use imagineering and say, how can I use my busi- ness to give God glory?” explained Stephan Tchividjian, National Christian Foundation President. “We often say, you as a leader don’t have to lead for the next several hours. It’s this platform where they come and through the experience , through the network, through the resources provided, they begin to have a vision for something perhaps that’s new or maybe has been dormant in their lives and in many ways they come alive.” Alumni transformations With an alumni network that is now more than 800 business leaders strong in South Florida, Lifework’s influence is extensive. And several alumni credit their experience at Lifework Leadership with spurring them on to begin a new work or improve their current business. For example, after the Moore family was directly affected by the issue of bullying, Roy Moore, founder of Be Strong, enlisted a group of local leaders he met through Lifework Leadership to volunteer to help tackle the issue of bullying by reaching students with life-saving skills. The idea has since been developed into a national ministry. Don Campion, president of BanyanAir Service, Inc., has built a com- pany culture second to none, and credits Lifework Leadership for chal- lenging him to do more. A South Floridian who was raised in Nigeria by missionary parents, he recently restored the missionary hospital in the African bush of Egbe, Nigeria, where his parents once served. He also in- vited Corporate Chaplains ofAmerica to help meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of his team at Banyan Air after learning about them at Lifework Leadership. Now a sponsor of the leadership class, Campion said, “Where Life- work helped me the most was realizing how the business could fit into Kingdom work, and how I look at Banyan now as a ministry. Then I felt that God had prepared me for the ministry of the revitalization of Egbe Hospital. I never dreamed in a million years that somehow I would have influence in the rebuilding of a ministry that would then look after tens of thousands of sick in the bush.As a result of that, many of themwould come to know the Lord. And Lifework kind of connected those dots.” Ginger Martin, chief executive officer of American National Bank, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, completed climbs in the Grand Tetons and Rocky Mountain National Park, summited seven peaks higher than 14,000 feet in Colorado and hiked the Salcantee Trail to Matchu Picchu with Free- dom Challenge, an organization that combats human trafficking world- wide. “Climb higher! That’s my motto. I want to climb higher and I want to take other people with me. That’s why I am involved in Lifework Lead- ership as an alum, as a coach and as a sponsor because I think Lifework is doing that,” explained Ginger Martin. Her involvement with FreedomChallenge began after Lori Degler, for- merly with Operation Mobilization and a Lifework Leadership classmate, invited her to a luncheon about the program. “I think the community of leaders that have been connected through Lifework has been incredibly impactful,” saidAmanda Forman, a Lifework Leadership alum and former Lifework Program Director. “There are so many alumni that have encouraged each other, started nonprofits together, Lifework Leadership Enters Its 15th Year Transforming Leaders Who Transform Cities Shelly Pond Good News Editor The inaugural Class of 2007 for Lifework Leadership South Florida Stephan Tchividjian, National Chris- tian Foundation South Florida Presi- dent, and John Offerdahl, restaurateur and former Miami Dolphins linebacker H. Wayne Huizenga , Jr., President of Huizenga Holdings, Inc., Fonda Huizenga and Steven French , Lifework Leadership