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An Emotional Month We had a plan and then February happened. Good News was just completing the Cover Feature about Legacy Families here in South Florida, families with strong Christian beliefs and values… and then Valentine's Day… a day usually re- served for showing our affection and appreciation, sadly turned dark and devastating: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and the world was introduced to Parkland, Florida and the tragic murders of 17 innocent students and teachers. We quickly shifted gears and justly so as our new Good News Cover Feature. Then on Wednesday morning February 21st while sitting in our monthly Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (FCA) Board Meeting, fellow Board member and owner of Highland Wireless (and resident techie), Chip McCulloch, who was scrolling his computer news feed, inter- rupted saying, "Billy Graham, just passed away." Suddenly the board room seemed ten degrees cooler and most everyone's iPhones started buzzing with flurries of texts from offices, family and friends asking, "have you heard?” Now what? At the end of the meeting, I called our editor, Shelly Pond, to review our options, again. The "Legacy Families" was moved to April to make space for the tragedy at MSD, and now Billy Gra- ham's passing. It brought me to a Sunday memory from five years ago while sitting in a tiny church in Nigeria with friends Stephan Tchividjian, Omar Aleman, Amanda Forman, Scott Sullivan, Aaron Abbott and our host and reason for the trip: Don and Sueann Campion at their Egbe, Nigeria Hospital revitalization. Let me set the scene: tiny local church, where locals are without television, radio, internet or news- papers and Don Campion with interpreter in tow as we "the Owibo's" were introduced by name and affil- iation. We, of course, couldn't understand a word other than our own names and sat with everyone in relative silence although polite. When the name Stephan Tchividjian, mumble, mumble, mumble, (grand- son) of Billy Graham… there was an immediate ooooohhh and thunderous applause. Here were literally tribes and, yes, they have Chief's, in a part of the world where we landed in Africa and then traveled on dirt roads for seven hours to Egbe, Nigeria, mind you with zero available media and BILLY GRAHAM drew thunderous applause. Our decision for our March Cover feature was an easier challenge for our Christian publication even in light of our local tragic situation as the Good News celebrates the life and profound legacy of Reverend Billy Graham. We welcome long time friend Edna Buchanan to the pages of the Good News with her memory of in- terviewing Reverend Billy Graham. Ms. Buchanan is a celebrated Pulitzer Prize winner, New York Times best-selling novelist and former Miami Herald principal investigative crime reporter. Edna and I were col- leagues back in the early days and I hope she becomes a frequent contributor to our pages. -Les PUBLISHER 2 MARCH 2018 Good News • South Florida Edition South Florida Edition • Good News • March 2018 • Volume 19, Issue 12 - Leslie J. Feldman - On the Cover Although he preaches on six continents throughout his lifetime, Billy Graham remains a "country" boy at heart, always returning to North Carolina, where he will be buried. Photo credit Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Visit PERSPECTIVE 4-7 Remembering “Daddy Bill” – An interview with Stephan Tchividjian on Billy Graham INSIGHT 8 Billy Graham’s Incredible Legacy – by Rob Hoskins REFLECTION 10 Faithful – by Edna Buchanan CHURCH UNITED 12 Church Unity – Where do we go from here? – by Alan Platt LIFEWORK LEADERSHIP 14 Ginger Martin Encourages Others to Climb Higher at Lifework Leadership – by Shelly Pond GOOD NEWS WANTS TO KNOW 20 – 23 If you could be a superhero, who would you be? COVER STORY 28 - 29 In Honor of the Precious Lives Lost at Marjory Stoneman Douglas GOOD NEWS PALM BEACH COUNTY 44 - 47 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 48 - 49 CLASSIFIEDS 54 - 55 Publisher: Leslie J. Feldman [email protected] Editor: Shelly Pond [email protected] Editorial Assistant: Lydia Hicks [email protected] Art Director: Milton McPherson [email protected] Advertising & Marketing: Al Lehman Sr. Marketing Director [email protected] Robert “Buddy” Helland Jr. Sr. Marketing Manager [email protected] Advertising: We reach over 120,000 readers each month. Placing an ad in our publication is affordable and effective to help grow your business Call us today! Distribution: To become a free distribution point for the news- paper, please contact Shelly. Circulation: In Broward and Palm Beach total 45,000/mo. Distribution starts the first week of each month. The Good News is published by Good News Media Group, LLC, Reproduction in whole or part strictly forbidden without the consent of the publisher. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. Good News Media Group, LLC. PO Box 670368 Coral Springs, FL 33067 954-564-5378 CONTENTS Good News • March 2018 • Volume 19 Issue 12