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Happy Valentine’s Day On the cover of this month’s Good News is Dr. Bob Barnes with his daughter Torrey (Barnes) Roberts, representing Parenting on Purpose and the many services of Sheridan House Family Ministries. Well, Dr. Barnes wears many hats. His incredible efforts include leading a Single Moms Ministry and spreading the Lord’s message of faith, love, obedi- ence and perseverance. February is Valentine’s Day. Of course, when I and most people think of Valentine’s, we think of beautiful red roses and boxes of choco- lates for the women we love and want to say, "you're beautiful, you're special and we cherish you." Single moms living in a car or shelter with young children don’t find red roses and boxes of chocolates when there is need for shelter, food, clothes and faith that tomorrow will be better than today. Because we care and see these women struggling to keep their family safe and se- cure, we respect their love and incredible commitment against formidable odds. Nothing cuts me to the core more than the hopelessness of sad eyes in a woman and her children. If you feel blessed, take a moment to ponder what YOU can do for some single moms ( , foster care children ( ) or the homeless among us ( . Consider a warm hug and a grateful kiss to the moms and daughters in your life, and tell them this year you will give or drop off a modest check. You can find many worthy agencies here among us. Bless them, bless yourself. Make this your best Valentine’s yet! -Les PUBLISHER 2 FEBRUARY 2018 Good News • South Florida Edition South Florida Edition • Good News • February 2018 • Volume 19, Issue 11 - Leslie J. Feldman - On the Cover Dr. Bob Barnes and his daughter Torrey (Barnes) Roberts record 15-minute podcasts for Parenting on Purpose. A service of Sheridan House Family Ministries, Parenting on Purpose seeks to help parents make sense of today’s barrage of seemingly opposing information and uncharted societal issues by offering proven and practical parenting solutions. Now Parenting on Purpose will also be featured monthly in the Good News. For more information, visit . Photo by Justus Martin Was reviewing the latest issue of the Good News and was pleased to find you as the new owner, another Feldman who is belongs to Him and a leader that has an impact into the local Chris- tian community, and beyond! Through some major trials in my life, I found the Lord in 1984, even though I tried to deny Christ several times before accepting Him as my personal Savior. I'm sure you can relate, and hope to hear your testimony soon! I am a member of Calvary as well as Church by the Glades, where God has planted me to be a light unto the carry the Messianic torch into the Gentile church...we are ONE in Him...Jew and Gentile as One, Old and New Testament as ONE Book. As a friend puts it though, we had the opportunity to know the Father before we were intro- duced to His Son. In my family, I am the only one that is saved and am under much scrutiny and even persecu- tion for my belief(s), but I know that God has me in the palm of His hand and He'll never let go. I'd like to reach out to you a bit and getting to know you more, and perhaps also share some ideas for helping the Good News Media Group Foundation. Thanks in advance for all that you are doing with the Good News, and what a blessing it is to know that it's now being run by another Feldman. Keep fighting the good fight of faith! Sincerely and humbly, 'Brother Stu' Feldman PERSPECTIVE 4 I Had A Friend – by Stephan Tchividjian INSIGHT 6 Leading Through Change – by Rob Hoskins CHURCH UNITED 8 City Changers Empowers the Church to Impact Communities – by Alan Platt LIFEPOINTS 10 College Football in Hebrew – by Dr. Gary Hewins LIFEWORK LEADERSHIP 12 Armand and Susan Rocco Share Their Gift of Hospitality Through Kitchenworks – by Shelly Pond GOOD NEWS WANTS TO KNOW 22 – 24 What's the most unique act of kindness you've witnessed? COVER STORY 26 Parenting on Purpose By Being Your Child’s First Date – by Dr. Bob Barnes and Torrey (Barnes) Roberts GOOD NEWS PALM BEACH COUNTY 30 - 37 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 44 – 45 CLASSIFIEDS 50 - 51 Have Dear Les, God is soooo good! Publisher: Leslie J. 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