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ENCOURAGEMENT 42 NOVEMBER 2017 Good News • Broward Edition "Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one an- other in marriage. God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery" (Hebrews 13:4 NLT). Tom Smith, the highly re- spected academic survey re- searcher, has this to say about extramarital sex: “The best estimates are that about 3% to 4% of currently mar- ried people have a sexual partner besides their spouse in a given year and about 15% to 18% of ever-married people have had a sexual partner other than their spouse while married.” /sanford-ensign-affair-opin- ions-columnists-extramarital- sex.html There are few heartaches as severe to any married per- son who is faithful to their spouse than to learn that their spouse has committed adul- tery. The victim of the adultery loses their sense of safety and security — two vital as- pects of a marriage. Most people who commit adultery do not confess they have been unfaithful. When caught, they often still lie and explode in self-righteous anger that they would even be accused. When the evidence is overwhelming against them, they grudgingly admit their in- fidelity, and then attempt to minimalize their unfaithful- ness. They continue to lie about the duration of the af- fair, the number of times they cheated, and the serious na- ture of their disloyalty. In addition, they may blame their spouse for the transgression, pointing out all their faults and flaws as justi- fication for their infidelity. They push to quickly “move on” and forget the betrayal ever happened as a way to disregard the severity and consequences of their sin. They rarely display any sincere and deep moments of repentance, empathy for the pain they have caused, or signs of concern for the spouse they have devastated. Adultery is selfish. Victims of an unfaithful spouse, here’s your reality check: You are 100 percent NOT responsible for your spouse being unfaithful and committing adultery. You did not cause this sin. Your spouse is the only one re- sponsible for the adultery. For those who have com- mitted adultery, you also need a reality check: You ARE 100 percent responsible for being unfaithful and committing adultery. You are totally responsi- ble for your actions. Never suggest that your spouse was to blame. Dealing with Infidelity Dr. Norman Wise Living Water Counseling &$6+ 21 7+( 6327 5811,1* 25 127 ;)&9=97)('%67 &3%87 &$// )5(( 72:,1* $9$,/$%/( (Continued on page 43)